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Singer and performer Ciara is being sued for breach of contract by a West Hollywood gay club called “The Factory.” She accepted $10,000.00 to perform at an event at the Factory and then she didn't show up. Ciara claims that she told them she was not going to appear but the club continued promoting the event. Apparently, Ciara was evading service at home and/or she was not making herself available to take the papers in a less public location so the Plaintiff was left with no choice but to hire a process server to serve Ciara during a concert.

In the video below the process server hands Ciara the process but Ciara quickly drops the papers on the floor when she realized what she was holding. Remember, the person being served does not have to accept the process for service to be valid. The process server only has to deliver the process and give the defendant an opportunity to take the papers in-hand. There is no law forcing a defendant to keep the papers after they are served.

If Ciara wants to throw her papers away and forget about the lawsuit because she feels it is frivolous, that is her option but ignoring it won’t make the lawsuit go away. Everyone eventually gets served, especially if Miami PSPI is handling the process so evading is pointless. Please call us for all your process service and investigative needs, 305-285-4321.

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