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Our world has gone digital and tech safety is the new challenge parents must overcome to keep their kids safe. These days teens spend an alarming amount of time texting or on social media sites. The Neilsen Company reports that 12-17 year olds spend approximately 8 hours per day on a mobile device. Most teens are unsupervised during this time texting with whomever they want and communicating with anyone who reaches out to them on a social media site. Kids are not always forthcoming about what is going on in their lives and most parents have no idea how to monitor their child’s cellphone activity. Taking away the phone is not a viable option so what is a parent to do? Recently a child safety website called TeenSafe launched an app that will allow a parent to view their child’s texts, social media activity, see phone location, view calls, see web browsing history, and it will even allow a parent to access deleted messages on the phone, all for $14.95 per month. The site claims that the phone is not needed to install the app. It works with iPhone and android devices. The installation is a bit different for both but TeenSafe is very easy to install on both devices. It is as simple as entering basic information and the site offers customer support that will walk you through the installation process if you need assistance. For more information go to

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