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Since the beginning of time, there have been scammers praying on good people who are just trying to make an honest buck. Proverb 20:17 states, “Bread gained by deceit is sweet to a man, but afterward his mouth will be full of gravel.” However, this warning falls of deaf ears as these days scams seem to be increasing in both scope and value. Snake oil sales men have always been smooth and slick and they are found in all levels of business – only their suits change. They have had their way with people but their method operandi for plunder may be coming to an end. Leaders in the business world and large corporations have realized that the methods used by private investigators performing pre-marital investigations and/or methods used to detect infidelity in marriage are also effective in determining the character of the person with whom they are doing business. Imagine if anyone of Bernie Madoff’s 13,5000 victims would have hired a competent private investigator to investigate Bernie Madoff. How many people would have had their life savings spared from Madoff’s greed?

Nick McMaster of in his article titled, “Investors Hire Gumshoes to Snoop on Fund Managers”, reports that Investors are increasingly hiring private investigators to dig up dirt on fund managers in hopes of avoiding the next Madoff-style fraud, Bloomberg reports. Background checks are expensive, depending on the firm, they may cost $1,000 per company or individual investigated and can take weeks, but investors say they are often highly effective at identifying questionable funds. That’s because screw-ups tend to be screw-ups for life: If managers have dodgy practices, they’ve likely had run-ins with regulators in the past. Personal indiscretions, like citations for drunk driving, are also reliable red flags, investigators say. For example, Arthur Nadel, a manager from Florida who was recently caught for having perpetrated a $300 million investment fraud, was disbarred in New York in 1982.

Before investing your hard earned money with anyone, check them out. Background checks performed by a licensed and competent private investigator run a fraction of the cost cited in McMaster’s report. Miami PSPI, LLC has licensed private investigators with access to the latest technology in public records search tools and we can obtain information that the average person could never obtain. We are fast and provide results inexpensively. Information is power and a private investigator can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions as to whether or not to do business with an individual. Simply put, private investigators are becoming a business necessity these days for everyone. Before handing your money over, do you homework, know who you are dealing with, and be informed.


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