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Arguably the paparazzi really is the dredge of society and it is unfortunate that the process server who served Kanye West was blurred with these people but he had a job to do. One could argue that the paparazzi also has a job to do but I see a difference. Although the paparazzi are legally allowed to be there, they are not legally required to be there and the process server is legally required to serve that process. The paparazzi are harassing the West family whereas the server discreetly delivered the papers to Kanye West and he left the family alone. The paparazzi’s work product contributes nothing to society. It is a deliberate diminution of the intellectual level of education, literature, cinema, news, and culture in our society. Process service does nothing of a sort. The process server was not flashing cameras in North West's eyes, he was not making her cry, he was not yelling at the family, and the body guards are not there to protect the West family from him. They are there to protect the West family from the paparazzi and other people who may want to harm them. The process server was professional and he did not inflame the situation when the body guards pushed him.

Even though Kanye did not take the papers in-hand this is good service. A person being served does not have to accept the papers to be served. A person being served is merely given an opportunity to accept the papers in-hand. If they do not want to take the papers that is completely up to them but they are still served. The process server’s job is to deliver the process and not to get the recipient of the process to accept the papers. I feel bad for that little girl for the stress she experienced but none of that stress was caused by the process server.

Here is the video courtesy of “Hollywood Now.”

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