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PROTECT YOUR FRIENDS IDENTITIES WHEN YOUR CELL PHONE IS LOST OR STOLEN reports that Smart phone thefts rose to 3.1 million in 2013 and there is no legislative effort to force the industry to do anything to curb thefts. I recently lost my cell phone and when I went to the store to obtain a new SIM card for my backup phone the cell phone representative told me they could not wipe my phone data. I asked him why the cell phone company cannot help me with this and he said it was not the company's policy to do that (T-Mobile). They only offer insurance for cell phone replacement. Fortunately, I don't save any information in my contacts or my cellphone but I think I may be the exception.

A thief who steals a cell phone can also find ways to victimize the friends of the owner of the phone. They can look for phone owner's friend's personal information they may have saved in contacts to steal their identities. If you have a friend who may have saved your name, address and birthday in their cell phone, that is enough to steal your identity if your friend's phone is lost or stolen.

Download an app to remote-wipe your phone. Protect your friends information as well as your own personal information, data and media. There are many remote-wipe apps out there that are free and some that cost a small fee. I don't want to recommend any because newer better apps are created everyday. Take a moment to research these apps and find one that is best for you and install it today. Urge your friends to do the same to protect your information.

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