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To answer the question, they didn't hurt. So often people pull out their camera phones when they are being served in the hopes that the video is going to somehow help them invalidate service. They don’t realize that they are offering evidence against their own case. In fact, it is not uncommon for these videos to never see the light of day when the person served files their motion to set aside service. At Miami PSPI, LLC, our servers are told to indicate in the return of service when they are recorded by the person they are serving in case we need to subpoena that video or extract the video data from their phone after they file responses with the court indicating that they were never served. However, sometimes the photo evidence is done for us.

Yesterday Selena Gomez was walking out of a convenience store when a plainly dressed woman wearing a large pink scarf approached her and served her with a Subpoena just as she was getting into her SUV. Although Selena was obviously not happy about being served with the Subpoena, she accepted the papers and cleared the area. The subpoena stems from a lawsuit filed by a paparazzo Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran who is suing Justin Bieber for damages sustained from a physical attack in May 2012. As Bieber was attacking Duran, Selena Gomez yelled, “Justin, stop! They’re taking your picture!” She was aware of the cameras during the attack and also when she was served and in in both situations, Gomez acknowledged their presence, prompting "good behavior."

E-News reports that Selena is expected to be served with at least one more subpoena in another case involving Bieber’s body guard beating another paparazzo. Hopefully, that serve will be as uneventful as this one. Perhaps this depends on whether there are cameras around but this remains to be seen.



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