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GPS tracking devices are becoming more and more affordable everyday and anyone can buy them without restriction. If you think you may have a GPS bug in your car, you first need to know where to kook. PM Wire reports, it’s probably true for most of us out there that you’ll probably never have to deal with the paranoia of thinking that someone has placed a GPS Bug on your car or truck. But then, the rest of us who have had a crazy obsessed ex-girlfriend/boyfriend (who you’re sure is the random blocked ID that calls you at 2 a.m. and have run into at the grocery store just one too many times to be totally random) know only too well about that kind of stray thought in your head. Also, and interestingly, depending on the jurisdiction, law enforcement may not even need a search warrant to place a tracking device on your vehicle.

If you have some concerns for stalkers, just plain curious (paranoid?) or even a possible criminal here are some tips to help you locate GPS tracking devices on your vehicle.

  • Look thoroughly at the underside and in the trunk of your vehicle. A lot of the older tracking devices are magnetic and larger than newer devices, so for those, your cars undercarriage and trunk will be the place of choice for a person to hide a GPS device. Also, what’s useful about this placement is the fact that GPS signals are extremely strong the closer they are to the road itself.

  • Contrarily, while some devices are large and magnetic, keep a look-out for small, almost pager sized and shaped things. They could be taped to your car rather than have a magnetic strip. This might seem a little difficult to do, getting on the ground looking at the underside of your car for an unknown object (funny, since a lot of us might have never even seen the bottom of our cars) but the truth is that most tracking devices are a little awkward and tend to stick out a little obviously, so spotting them really shouldn’t been too strenuous.

  • If your car was recently towed and impounded or stolen and recovered, the smaller and more expensive GPS devices can be hard wired into your battery or hidden almost anywhere under your hood inconspicuously. For these, you’ll most likely need to enlist the help of a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). They’ll usually cost a pretty penny, but if you’re invested in locating a tracking device on your car or truck, then you can rest assured that they will definitely get the job done.

Now, if you’re having concerns about your conversations while driving, rest assured, your fears in this department are pretty much baseless. Listening bugs are crazy complex for installing and transmitting the recordings from a moving car. Even with sim card bugs on the market, they aren’t putting that in your dash to listen to your phone calls they can already monitor.

I’m not trying to feed your paranoia, but these are just a few of the MANY areas that are used by people to hide tracking devices. At least, this small list can help you alleviate your concerns about unknowingly having a GPS tracking device on your car. For more serious situations, don’t forget that there are professional services that you can contact to sweep your vehicle or home for devices tracking your where-abouts. - See more at:


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