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When a small farming company in Washington had their equipment stolen by Isaac Dozer, a former employee, the owner of the company tried to get his stuff back the civil way. This is what he did:"

We achieved personal service on Isaac Dozier tonight for a small court claim for the value of the tools and equipment, plus court costs and fees. Our first court date is set for January 23rd. I was present at the serving to identify Isaac for the process server. We found him having dinner with his friends at The Conway Pub. Which does have very good pan friend oysters, by the way. He seemed pretty surprised to see me and the process server, but that's OK. Merry Christmas, Isaac.

I've asked him to return my equipment and tools via voicemail, email, US-Mail and in an in-person visit, where I saw my equipment in use by him. At this point it's a matter of principle. See you in court, Isaac.

Served at Dinner 2.jpg

His friends weren't sure what was going on at first, but when they read the sign I was holding they got the idea. They started to laugh. Does this stuff happen to Isaac often? He spent the next 45 minutes explaining to his friends why he was being sued. Kinda put a damper on his get-together, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do

He left the state for a month and a half, and this was his get-together with his friends to tell them about his trip; there were about 20 of them there. Glad to provide more stuff to talk about."

Yep, Isaac. You got served.

Served at Dinner 3.JPG

Link to original article here.

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