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Process server Steve Hartman of Beaumont, TX was arrested for trying to serve process on Judge Layne Walker. Later it becomes apparent that Judge Walker made witnesses file false affidavits and sworn statements about the events. Fortunately Steve Hartman was wearing a ballpoint pen camera that caught the actual events on video. In fact, the video completely and totally contradict the events as described by the witnesses in sworn statements and affidavits.

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Clearly the attorneys, courtroom staff and law enforcement gave sworn statements before they knew the incident was being recorded. In the video, Hartman is first approached by Deputy Sharon Williams. But a witness, attorney James Makin states that Hartman approached Sergeant Broussard and that he crossed the bar, which is the area that divides the courtroom personnel from the public. The video clearly shows Deputy Williams going to get Broussard and Broussard coming back towards Hartman. In the video Broussard tells Hartman that he needs to leave. Hartman politely tells him, "no sir" but then Broussard begins to push Hartman towards the back of the courtroom and tells him he is "under arrest for disturbing." Hartman was officially charged with hindering a proceeding by disorderly conduct. Another witness, attorney Joe Vazquez also gave a sworn statement that Hartman tried to get to the judge's bench and was intercepted by Sergeant Broussard and that Hartman attempted to push Broussard. The charges were miraculously dropped after so much effort was spent in obtaining affidavits and statements from so many attorneys and staff members of Jude Walker, seemingly to find Hartman guilty of the charges. Officially, the court refuses to confirm that the charges were dropped because of the video. Orange County Court at Law No. 2 Judge Troy Johnson Friday granted a motion to dismiss the charges because special prosecutor Joe Alford was not sworn in properly. Alford never signed the oath and it was never filed.

Here is the full video:

Hartman's boss Philip Klein, President of Klein Investigations, issued the following statement: “We contend that Steve Hartman has always been an innocent man. Videotapes don't lie. It is our sincere hope that the Jefferson County District Attorney's office, and the Southeast Texas \ Corruption Task Force, will turn now to those that falsely accused Mr. Hartman. They are the true criminals in this matter. We are proud of Mr. Hartman's professional behavior and the leader he has proven himself to be to his company, his family and community.”

Source: 12News in Southeast Texas

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