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At Miami PSPI, LLC we like to find links between what is trending and the world of process service and private investigations. Curtis James Jackson, III a/k/a 50 Cent was served with a Summons to be in court regarding a child custody matter as he left an L.A. Courthouse. He was attending a hearing in criminal court for a matter pertaining to a domestic violence charge he caught for beating the same woman who caused the process to be served on him in the video below.

When the process server served him with the papers, 50 Cent refused to take the papers in-hand as he scurried into his SUV in an apparent effort to evade service. The process server resorted to leaving the papers on the windshield of the SUV but 50 Cent's SUV drove off, dropping the papers in the middle of the street. Although the process server didn't have to pick them up as 50 Cent was already served, he likely picked them up because he didn't want to leave papers containing sensitive information about 50 Cent on the street with so many reporters around, including one TMZ photo journalist who questioned the process server about the service. In the video, the TMZ photo journalist asks the process server about what just happened. The process server said, "I served him. He refused to take it. I told him it was a court order and summons to appear in court. He ignored it. I left it on his car. He drove away." When he was asked if he was going to try again, the process server correctly said, "No. He was served."

A person being served has to have the opportunity of receiving the papers in-hand. If the servee refuses to accept the papers, that is their prerogative but that does not mean they were not served.

Here is the link to the TMZ video, 50 Cent -- Served Outside L.A. Courthouse


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