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The State of Florida has millions of dollars in unclaimed funds and growing. Florida law allows Florida licensed private investigators, CPAs' and attorneys to register with Florida Department of Financial Services as claimant's representatives. Contracting with one of the listed companies is strictly voluntary. Beyond their registration, they are not affiliated with, or endorsed by the State of Florida, the Florida Department of Financial Services or the Bureau of Unclaimed Property. These firms have access to Florida Unclaimed Funds records and frequently contact account owners, or their heirs, soliciting contracts to assist in the recovery for a fee. The relationship between Florida Bureau of Unclaimed Funds and Private Investigators is purely symbiotic. The State's budget for advertising unclaimed funds is abysmal. This is probably due to the fact that no budget is really needed because there are so many investigators already trying to connect account owners with their unclaimed funds. For years private investigators have been scouring these records and contacting account owners to let them know they have unclaimed money and that they will be happy to collect their money for them for a fee. They typically site convenience as the primary benefit of utilizing a private investigation agency to collect the money for them. However, making a claim for unclaimed funds in Florida could not be easier. Assuming you have unclaimed funds listed in your name it is as easy as completing an online form right from the State's website.

If you would like to check if you have unclaimed funds, click HERE.


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