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As process servers we can serve evictions all day long but this tenant just won't leave! The City of Miami (with little to no help from the Federal Government) kicked out the Zika mosquitoes from Wynwood but then they moved to Miami Beach. The City of Miami Beach began the eviction process of the Zika mosquitoes but before they could finish the job what do you think the Zika mosquitoes did? You guessed it. They just moved to another area in Miami.

The Florida Department of Health says the new Zika boundary is NW 79th Street to the North, NW 63rd Street to the South, NW 10th Avenue to the West and N Miami Avenue to the East:

The City of Miami continues to urge all residents and business owners to routinely inspect their property and drain any standing water and protect themselves from mosquito bites by using repellent. Watch this video for a reminder to #DrainAndCover and protect yourself from mosquitoes:

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