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City of Miami Mandates Reduced Business Occupancy Loads, Hours of Operation

Measures Aimed at Increasing Social Distancing, Reducing Communal Gatherings

(Miami, FL March 15, 2020)- The City of Miami issued an order today mandating all businesses and establishments within the City of Miami to reduce their maximum occupancy loads to 50% of their authorized maximum occupancies, effective 12:01 a.m. tonight. Businesses or establishments with an existing occupancy of 500 persons or more are now capped at 250 persons maximum. Businesses and establishments that do not comply with this emergency order face immediate closure. Additionally, the City has ordered that all non-essential businesses and establishments within the City close no later than 11:00 p.m. daily, including on weekends. This order applies to bars, restaurants, lounges and other entertainment establishments. The order is effective citywide at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow, Monday, March 16. Exceptions to this order are the following: hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, medical service providers, medical supply stores, gasoline service stations, hardware stores, convenience stores, private offices, hotels and automotive repair centers. Both measures were made as amendments to the City’s recent COVID-19 emergency declaration, and both aim to increase social distancing and reduce communal gatherings. With confirmed cases of community transmissions of COVID-19 in Florida, the need to reduce gatherings of people in public spaces has grown in urgency. The City also issued a ban on price gouging in its new emergency order. “These measures are a direct and prudent step to reduce close person-to-person interactions, which are medically confirmed to be spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus in South Florida,” said City Manager Arthur Noriega V. “We’re in this together and will prevail if all Miamians make a conscious decision to do their part for the greater good.” To read the orders in their entirety, click on the images below.

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