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If you are not lucky, you better come prepared. Being prepared has no downside. Even when you come prepared, the worst a critic can say is that being prepared is no big deal. While Senator John Cornyn gushed over Judge Barret for not requiring notes, critics argued that any lawyer could have cited basic cases to evade answering questions. We all know that is not true. It is not unheard of for some unscrupulous lawyers to try and get fired the day before a trial or hearing because they are not prepared.

Some critics desperate to spew hate, completely abandon any desire to conceal their self-elitist view in their critique like this critic who wrote, “Amy Coney Barrett thrilled the dumber segments of the population when she revealed that she didn’t bring any notes into her Supreme Court nomination hearing.” She didn’t need them because she came prepared. Ironically, while critics believe they are casting shade, they fail to realize that they are actually highlighting something positive about their intended prey.

There will never be any shortage of critics so we may as well use them to our benefit by being prepared and forcing them to shoot themselves in the foot when they criticize us for it. I often half-joke that the last terrestrial beings who will witness the end of the world will be the most hateful critic and a cockroach. The rest of us will have prepared for the end of the world and will have already moved to another planet.

Works relied upon in preparing this Blog:

Patrice, Joe, “Amy Coney Barrett Hearing Proves How Stupid The Bar Exam Is”,, 15 October 2020.

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