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Pets At Work

Several years ago, I stopped seeing the benefit of a brick-and-mortar business and I switched my business to a remote business model. There were many immediate and obvious benefits that I foresaw that made me make the move. We are leaner, faster, and more efficient than our competitors and we can pass on savings to our clients. One immediate benefit that I didn't foresee was the calming experience of having my dog with me as I work. I was also very surprised how our pets have helped us make a faster more human connection with our clients in a high-tech environment. Potential new clients and existing clients have reacted very positively when a pet has made an impromptu appearance at a zoom meeting. Our pets making appearances have broken the ice faster and have been a direct contributing factor to closing deals. I and my employees are grateful for the work and for being able to spend more time with our pets and it shows in our work product. Food for thought for other employers who may be thinking of ways of getting their employees to be more appreciative of their job at a time when people are resigning at alarming rates.

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