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Serving an MMA Fighter

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

All names have been changed to conceal the identity of the parties involved. In the heart of Miami, where the heat and excitement seemed to pulse through the streets, the story of process server, Silvestre Cortez, serving process on a MMA fighter occurred early in Silvester’s career. At the time, Silvester has been serving process in Miami for only two years. Silvestre a tenacious process server known for his fearlessness in pursuing his subjects and getting them served, was tasked with serving a Summons and Complaint on a renowned MMA fighter named Carlos Hernandez. Carlos was a legend in the ring, known for his ferocity and unmatched skill, but outside of it, he had a reputation for being elusive and guarded. Silvestre had heard stories of Carlos's agility and power, and knew that serving him with process wouldn't be easy. He decided to approach the situation with strategy and precision.

He began tracking Carlos's movements and routines on Carlos’ social media. He discovered that Carlos frequented a local gym, tucked away in a quiet part of Little Havana on the edge of Little River. The gym was a sanctuary for Carlos, a place where he honed his craft away from the prying eyes of the media. One humid August afternoon, as the sun cast long shadows across the city, Silvestre staked out the gym. He watched as trainers and fellow fighters entered and left, but there was no sign of Carlos. He waited, determination unwavering, but Carlos did not show up.

Weeks passed, and still, Carlos remained elusive at the gym. Silvestre grew more determined, devising a plan to approach Carlos with respect and care. Monitoring Carlos’ social media, Silvestre learned that Carlos had a soft spot for a particular Cuban bakery in Little Havana, and he decided it would be his best chance to make contact there. One morning, as the aroma of fresh-made guava pastelitos filled the air, Silvestre waited outside the bakery. Silvestre spotted Carlos, recognizable even in his casual attire, his demeanor exuding confidence. Approaching him with a mix of respect and candor, Silvestre explained the reason for the visit. He detailed the legal matter at hand, assuring him that his intention was not to harm, but to ensure that the process was served properly. Carlos listened intently, his guard slowly lowering as he realized the sincerity in Silvestre's voice. Carlos agreed to accept the papers in-hand, understanding that it was part of a process he couldn't avoid.

As the years passed, Silvestre reflected on his encounter with Carlos. He realized that even the strongest and most elusive figures should be reached through respect, honesty, and a commitment to serving process correctly. The story of serving the summons and complaint on the famed MMA fighter became the template for serving everyone moving forward and has been how Silvestre has served process for the past 25 years.

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