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I recently came across a Yelp page advertising “The Best 10 Process Servers in Miami, FL”. I found this particularly amusing because over 1 or 2 years ago I contacted Yelp about listing my company on their site. I was told that they did not have a category for process service or investigations and that I could list my company under “Legal Services” but this was the best they could do as they don’t have a demand for process service or investigations on their site. I felt their fee to list my site was too much money for a vague listing that was not specific to our industry so we ended the call and I opened a free listing in the meantime. Before disconnecting, the representative advised that they would take my concern and comments to people higher up the ladder.

In the meantime, we forged ahead and we listed a comment on all our invoices for all services to all our clients that we were listed on Yelp and to feel free to review our service. A Yelp rep contacted me to advise that none of the reviews would be posted because they felt I was requesting positive reviews – even though we were not. However, I was offered an opportunity once again to pay for a listing under their “Legal Services” section but the fee was still too high for a non-specific listing and the rep said they really do not have a demand for process servers on their site because people don’t go to Yelp to find reviews for process servers or investigators.

A few months ago, I received a call from a Yelp rep who advised that there was a huge demand for process servers in my area and we were being offered an opportunity to pay to be listed in their new “Process Servers” section. Miraculous! The rep told me they had many people who were looking for the specific services we offered and that if I got positive reviews after paying to be listed that the reviews would very likely be posted and that it would not be a problem. I told the rep I was going to pass on their “offer” and he replied by stating that other paying process service companies would be advertised on the page for Miami PSPI and that when people search for process services or investigations in our area, Miami PSPI would not be listed until I paid them.

BEWARE! The companies featured on Yelp under the title “The Best 10 Process Servers in Miami, FL” PAID TO BE THERE. You are not getting the best process servers ( because Miami PSPI is the best and we are not there). You are getting a listing of the companies who paid to be there.

On a final note, before posting this blog, I reviewed our listing on Yelp and even though we have corrected our address and phone number on their page numerous times, they still list the wrong address and phone number. For some reason our contact info cannot be corrected. LOL!!! We will be deleting our Yelp listing. Let's see if we are allowed to leave.

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